Freelance content writing to engage your audience

I’m Jake Harfield. I write exceptional, thoroughly-researched, informative content that inspires your readers. My freelance writing engages with your audience and helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Why Should You Hire Me?

What sets me above the rest? Here is a list of reasons:

I will write high-quality, original content aimed at your target audience

Hiring me ensures that your content will be consistent and engaging. I will put the time in to understand your audience and messaging before writing any project you send my way.

I will produce thoroughly-researched, highly accurate content

I am a researcher at heart and I take great pride in being thorough and precise in my writing. I will ensure that any final project is well-researched, supported by hard facts, and cited with relevant sources.

I know how to make scientific jargon engaging and understandable

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s how to distill complex medical literature into easy-to-understand and informative content.

You need different kinds of content

I can produce a broad range of original content including blog posts, article, website copywriting, patient resources, guides, literature reviews/manuscripts, and other content.

You need SEO-friendly content

Not only do I ensure high-quality, original, accurate, interesting content – I write content that will contribute to your website’s SEO and bring in new readers.

Transparency and business savvy

I will be open and honest during every stage of every project. Integrity is central to my business approach in providing a service. Each project will come at a fixed, agreed upon price prior to writing. This way there are no surprises for either side.

My Areas of Expertise

I specialize in writing well-researched content according to your own preferences. If you have health-based content that needs writing, I can do it. Below is a list of specific content types I can provide. If what you’re looking for isn’t there, flick me an email and ask whether I can still write for you – chances are I can.

Health articles and blogs

I write high-quality, thoroughly researched, evidence-based content in the health and medical fields.

Patient resources

Providing accurate, up-to-date, clear, and engaging materials for patients is one of my specialties. When it comes to patients, condensing complex medical terminology into easily understood materials is paramount.

Health and medical copywriting

Need your business to stand out from your competitors? I can provide copywriting with a focus on SEO and reader engagement to help bring new visitors to your site.

Literature reviews/scientific summaries

My love of science translates into a passion for condensing the current state of research into thorough and concise documents for publication.

Product descriptions

Whether it’s a new medical device or supplement I can write you compelling and engaging product descriptions aimed at your consumers.

Additional writing services

  • Clear and compelling infographics and figures
  • Medical editing and proofreading

Services and Rates

When you hire me, my goal is to provide you with content above and beyond your expectations. I will:

  • Understand your brief and key points.
  • Take time to learn your business’ brand, voice, and audience so that the content I write for you will be expert and consistent.
  • Quote a fixed, agreed upon fee for each project.
  • Perform extensive online research utilizing the best resources to ensure accuracy and depth of content.
  • Create content which is original and SEO-friendly using your keywords.
  • Write and format the content to your preferred style.
  • Provide reasonable revisions to tweak the content to your preference.
  • Meet the deadlines every time.
  • Collaborate in a friendly, flexible manner so that you can be sure the content will be perfect.

My Portfolio

While most of my work has been done working as a salaried medical writer, I am currently growing my portfolio in freelance work.

Other Niches I Write In

I have several other passions that I love to write about, but write about much less.


As an Australian-based wildlife photographer and constant traveler, I have a location-based expertise that may just fit your bill.

Natural sciences

As a researcher at heart, and avid wildlife photographer, I have a keen interest in many of the natural sciences from conservation ecology to pure biology. If you need a content in this area, I’m your guy.

Get in touch

I’d love to hear from you. Contact me at or via the contact form.